In G. GLENTOS S.A. You can also find rented houses of pre-fabricated Kibo.

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Prefabricated Kibo houses for rent.

You asked us and we responded!

Always driven by the desires of our customers and the demand of the market, we strive to fulfill all the needs that arise.

The pre-fabricated Kibo houses are now available for rent in the following standard dimensions:

  • 1.60 m. * 1.60 m. * 2.55 m.
  • 1.50 m. * 2.20 m. * 2.55 m.
  • 2.40 m. * 4.00 m. * 2.55 m.
  • 2.40 m. * 6.00 m. * 2.55 m.

Equipment offered:

2 aluminum windows with double glazing, a door blind with safety lock (only in cases of use of outpost, offered the door with glass at the top), full electrical and telephone installation and air conditioner 9000Btu Cooling – heating Energy Class A.
We are at your disposal for more information and to send you a detailed financial offer.

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