The company KIBO-G. GLENTOS S.A. in Thessaloniki has been active since 1997 in the field of design and construction of metal prefabricated houses for professional and private use. Our constructions are of impressive aesthetics, have unparalleled durability and ergonomic construction and are already used in many areas of applications.

They have the possibility to rely on the minimum possible points when they take part in their territory, which makes them belong to the RTC category (which means Rough Terrain Cabins), in their capacity to be due to the static adequacy of their skeleton .

The multifaceted object of applications that our staff deals with, as well as the special know-how and the investment of our company in advanced technological solutions, makes us a company of particular specialization in the construction prefabricated Metal shelters for uses such as office spaces, school halls, machinery facilities, photovoltaic parks, conventional and bulletproof outposts etc.

The seat of KIBO-G. GLENTOS S.A. is located 9th KLM Thessaloniki-Katerini National Road in Sindos, where the factory is housed. We are enrolled in the Chamber and Industry Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Exporters Association of Northern Greece [S.E.B.E.]. We also possess a NATO code builder [NCAGE CODE-G1954] and our products are registered with the Industrial Property Organization [OPRS] for Greece and Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market [OHIM] for the remainder World.


We have all the necessary certifications from recognized organizations for our products and the materials we use (CE, ISO, EAS etc.), as well as the required certifications all our suppliers have.

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