General Features
Of the houses KIBO CABINS

  • The pre-fabricated Kibo houses are manufactured in Thessaloniki in a wide variety of dimensions. Their high durability is characterized by both their design and the quality of their construction. All the houses have 4 suspension points for easy transport. Their placement on the ground is simple and fast. Their ability to rely on the minimum possible points when they take part in the territory makes them belong to the RTC category, which means Rough errain Cabins, their status is due to the static adequacy of their skeleton.
  • The Kibo are products of admiration for their impressive aesthetics, their unparalleled durability and ergonomic construction. They provide total protection from weather conditions and offer internally a very high level of ergonomics that is essential for business operation.

Advantages of KIBO CABINS

  • Multiple uses
  • Resistance to TIME
  • High Aesthetics
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Full Thermal insulation
  • All-weather
  • Galvanized base
  • Variety of dimensions
  • Full equipment
  • Financial Solutions
  • Unique design
  • Repurchase shelters
  • After Sales Service


We have all the necessary certifications from recognized organizations for our products and the materials we use (CE, ISO, EAS etc.), as well as the required certifications all our suppliers have.