In G. GLENTOS S.A. We are so confident about the quality of our products and their durability in time so we are willing to re-buy your Kibo housing, if you want to sell it in the future. With each Kibo market we give you this facility (Sellback), so that at the same time over the market you make and an investment. Without being bound, if you want it later or because you don’t need the housing or because you want someone bigger, new etc, our company is a secured customer for you.

Here you can see the second-hand Kibo houses from repurchase at preferential prices, exhibits at very low prices and any other offer.

Attention: The second-hand Kibo houses and our offerings runs out quickly. If you are interested in someone, then contact us directly for information and/or to send you a quote!!

Second-hand house 3.00 m. x 8.00 m. Kibo action
(Registry No. 19Μ001)


  • 3 aluminium windows projected with mosquito nets
  • Door with safety lock
  • 4 Polycarbonate glass in the corners for perimeter visibility
  • Electrical and telephone installation
  • Final floor with ceramic tiles.

Available from €10,200 + VAT now only with €8,700 + VAT
Delivered on car at our factory in Sindos, Thessaloniki.

Offer new Kibo Libretto in 2.40 dimension m. x 6.00 m. x 2.55 m.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information at 2310 796755 and [email protected]


Houses Kibo libretto 2.40 x 6.00 m., landscaped for summer getaways and not only!

The houses can have a fully equipped bathroom, a kitchen with electrical items, 1 double bed + 2 single folding beds.

Ergonomic, functional, impressive, minimal time of construction-delivery, economical solution.

Possibility for personal or professional exploitation.

For more information call us at + 30 2310 796755 or send us an email [email protected]

OFFER for RESIDENTIAL accommodation 15m2 Kibo Libretto 2.40 m x 6.00 m (new)

The house has a 0.85 m * 2, 00m aluminum door, an aluminum window projected with double glazing of which the external triplex, toilet fully equipped with hydraulic installation and sanitary ware, kitchenette with cabinets up and down, Stainless steel sink, microwave and electric cooler, radiator 2KW, absolute insulation perimeter and on the ceiling, fully galvanized construction (not rust).

Ideal for accommodation as a small house

Offered at a bargain price, for more information please contact us.

Transportation costs are not included. The house is delivered on the car (from our own crane) to our facilities in Sindos.

Request a quote today! We will be glad to serve you!!

Exhibition Hall: Small house Kibo Hopper 3.00 m * 8.00 m

Country house with wood exterior cladding dimensions 3.00 m * 8.00 m, with one bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom fully equipped, two internal stairs with extra space for sleeping, radiators, extractor hood and Kitchen, refrigerator, wooden frames (windows and the lofts).

From 28.000 € + vat now at the privileged price of €17,500+ VAT

Transport is not included. Kibo Hopper is delivered on the car (from our own crane) to our facilities in Sindos, Thessaloniki.

Find out all the features and prices offered.